Cakepops are the latest craze taking the confectionary world by storm!
Their delicious cake truffle centres have the perfect combination of cake and icing.Choose from a selection of mouthwatering flavours including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, smothered in a crisp coating of white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate.
Cakepops appeal to adults and children alike, whether as favours for your special event or a yummy party bag filler. Most of our cakepops are postable costing £5 per dozen, but please discuss beforehand.
All of our cakepops are freshly made to order so they can be personalised at no extra cost. Please contact us so we can coordinate our cakepops with your party theme or colour scheme.
* 12 Cakepops from £15
* 12 Novelty Cakepops from £20
After Dinner Cakepops
Why not try our new sophisticated selection of After Dinner Cakepops?
Flavours include Baileys, cappucino, chocolate orange, mint Matchmaker, coconut lemongrass and ginger and cranberry and white chocolate.
* 12 Cakepops in a stylish presentation box £24