Macaroons (French Macarons)
Brightly coloured delicate almond meringues sandwiched together with a sumptuousfilling. These bite-sized popular French sweet treats have a smooth crisp shell and ruffled base with a wonderfully soft and slightly chewy centre.
Wow your friends and family with a colourful display of these sophisticated French fancies. A delicious teatime alternative to cupcakes, perfect wedding favours or an after dinner treat.
Choose from our mouth-watering flavours including vanilla, lemon, raspberry, apricot, strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, coconut with lemongrass and ginger, chocolate, chocolate orange, malteser and mint chocolate.
* Presentation box of 50 for £50
* Presentation box of 25 for £30
* Gift box of 6 for £12
* Gift bag of 6 for £10
* Gift bag of 2 for £4